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Risk Management

The greatest challenge facing health care providers in the 2000's is to preserve and improve the quality of health care services in the face of diminishing resources. A major part of this challenge is the prevention of financial losses from litigation. These losses may be in the form of direct costs, such as legal fees and insurance premiums, or indirect costs, such as unnecessary medical tests performed in a misguided attempt at "defensive" medicine. Whether direct or indirect, such losses reduce the resources available for necessary patient services.

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Preventive law, like preventive medicine, is a multidisciplinary specialty. Just as the preventive medicine specialist must be skilled in both the mechanisms of individual illness and the epidemiologic techniques for the evaluation of the health of populations, the preventive law specialist must be versed in both the specific laws and the quantitative methods for the evaluation of risks. It is difficult to identify legally significant events in the mass of data that accompanies modern health care delivery.

Once these events are identified, however, their management requires a balance of legal and medical standards. To identify legally significant events, a provider must have an effective management control system, an in-depth knowledge of the applicable laws and professional standards, and a systematic approach to the evaluation of the information flow.

We here at Florida Medical Consulting can help your business to maximize profits by identifying Medical Risk.

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